Mobile Version or Responsive Design

Going Mobile Friendly

Below are some points to consider for mobile compliance if you are planning to build a new website or are updating an existing site.

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Responsive or Mobile

Choosing between a mobile version site or a responsive design.

Mobile Version
How they work
Responds by shrinking or expanding to fit computers and mobile devices. Read more...
Includes two websites, one specifically for mobile.
Little known facts
In essence creates two websites in the same webpage.
Mobile version does include responsive code.
Mobile friendliness
Yes, but slower to load.
Mobile version is compliant.
Is it responsive?
Mobile version usually is.
Loading speed
Includes extra code in each webpage.
Designed specifically for speed.
Good for SEO. Passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.
Good for SEO. May do slightly better in searches. Mobile version passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.
Ease of use
Not design friendly for the casual user.
Two separate websites must be maintained.
Allows for less applications, products, page text, large tables and interactive elements.
Top level site allows for creative freedom. Mobile version will be more restricting.
User experience
Can be a less rich user experience due to limitations.
Creates a more customized version of each site allowing for a better user experience.
Real world
Small business webmasters may not want to learn the code needed for this type of design.
Two websites are more difficult to keep updated.
Updating old sites
Code works on any website no matter how old it is. Can be complicated.
Allows older sites to be updated without disturbing the current site.
Building new sites
Good choice for simple websites.
Good choice to better target mobile and/or desktop users.
Only a single domain is needed.
Can be in a folder or on its own domain.
Best if the business targets desktop and mobile visitors equally.
Best choice for creative freedom.
Future considerations
Due to how responsive works there may need to be updates.
Detection may need to be updated. Mobile version can be made the top level site at any time.
When to use
For new websites that do not have a lot of information on each page.
For complex sites or to target specific devices.
More complicated to work with, slower loading speeds, more design limitations. Excellent choice for webmasters looking to learn responsive design and users that plan a more simple website.

Good for SEO.
Need to maintain two websites. Allows more creative freedom. Best choice for webmaster that would like to target desktop and mobile individually.

Has a slight edge over RWD for SEO in most, but not all cases.
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